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A move is a psychologically tiring experience for anyone. If you have ever moved (and you probably already have), you know that the process of getting used to the new home, as well as neighborhoods or even different cities can be difficult and challenging. And when you include children into this equation, everything can become even more complicated.

After all, little ones are used to routines and are adapted to their space: friends, school, English course, soccer school, ballet, among many other daily activities. A new home and the process of adapting to a completely new routine can confuse them. Hence, there are some tips that can make the process smoother for the whole family, and they are listed below.

Discuss the move with the child. It may not seem important, but understanding the moving process as necessary is something that helps in the process of assimilation of this new moment. If possible, explain it with excitement and optimism - this can create a spirit of excitement about new challenges to be faced by the child, which will be useful throughout his/her life.

Find attractions for children in the new neighborhood. Any process of convincing and acceptance is easier if you use facts. The argument "it'll be cool" will not convince even the most naive child about the change. Thus, it is important to know all the locations of the new neighborhood (or city) that can attract the child in order to create empathy. Once you find it, show it to the child.

Involve the child in choosing the new home. This is an essencial part of the process. Any human being responds better to decisions made in groups when he or she feels part of the process of choice - what is called a feeling of belonging.

In the case of teenagers, be patient. Teenagers live a phase highly linked to the process of socialization. Within a world of discoveries, the group of friends becomes a safe harbour. Moving - mainly internationally- can make them feel like drifting on the high seas. So expect negative reactions from young people about the move. The only effective remedy will be lots of conversations and patience.



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