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Our Welcome Relocation division is composed of a team of professionals trained to deal with the needs of newly arrived families who are not yet familiarized with the city.

Assistance with the local bureaucracy and introduction to the new community are a great aid for families who are settling in a new environment. Our aim is to adapt these families to their new culture in a quick and easy manner.



A team of highly trained professionals, ready to deliver a personalized relocation service at the main Brazilian cities;

Complete solutions through a single point of contact;

Excellent cost-benefit programs;

In-depth knowledge through motivated and experienced specialists;

Multilingual consultants;

Follow-up throughout the family's stay in Brazil;

Programs managed in a highly professional fashion.



Furniture lease;

Assistance in choosing and enrolling in a new school;

Orientation regarding health insurance;

Cross cultural training;

Orientation and information regarding leisure activities;



A single contact that will take care of all your relocation needs;

We absorb work from your company's Human Resources;

Excellent communication and management of the transfer, without using your company's resources;

Guaranteed family satisfaction with the quality of our service;

Personalized service.

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  • I am a foreigner. Can Fink help me get the Brazilian visa and documentation? Yes, we have dedicated specialists ready to assist you at any time.

  • Can I hire just the items I need or do I need to get a package deal of services in Fink? Because our work is fully customized, each proposal is made to attend to the specific needs of each family.

  • If necessary, will Fink support me on my rental contract negotiations? Yes, we have a legal department assigned to conduct the negotiation.

  • I am a foreigner and I am going to live in Brazil. Can I hire Fink in the first instance for a familiarization tour before deciding my housing location? Of course, our specialists highly recommend it.

  • Does Fink provide temporary housing before I start looking for my permanent residence? Yes

  • Does Fink provide Relocation worldwide? Yes