Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

At FINK, we respect the privacy of our customers and we are committed with the protection of personal information obtained from each customer.


  • This policy addresses what type of personal information is being collected from each customer, how it is collected, used, retained and disposed of by our company, and our protective measures adopted as well.

    When a service is requested to FINK, we are given the consent to the collection, retention and use of this personal information in accordance with our commitment described here. You can quickly review the key topics by reading this page.

    FINK has a procedure of not disclosing personal information from our customers to any third parties other than the customer and its representatives, and/or the public and private parties, as may be required solely for the purposes related with our obligations.

    If other people should have access to your file, the customer must previously provide identification of those to FINK, so we are aware and proceed accordingly.

    We believe that all personal information is the customer's property.

What we collect:

  • We collect personal information necessary for us to provide the services requested by you.


  • Most of this data is collected directly from the customer or from other parties who are directly involved in the process, such as our partners and agents.


  • We normally keep the personal information from our customers until we consider these will be required for the purposes related to their collection.

Security for privacy:

  • Our goal is to maintain physical and electronic means of protection and to adopt procedures to ensure our commitment with data privacy.


  • By providing your personal information, the customer is consenting to the use and sharing for operational purposes.


  • The disposal of the physical documents which can already be disposed of, in conformity with our local regulations, is carried out in a way that sensitive information is completely destroyed.