FINK helps its clients during all phases of the moving process,
through all steps of planning and organization.

The move begins with a complete survey of the objects to be transported,
appropriate packaging choices and assistance with the elaboration of an optimal schedule for the execution of the move until the final delivery at the clients new home.

All physicial planning of the operation ifs coordinated and executed by experienced collaborators.


    First we individually pack crystal ware, porcelain and other fragile objects, protected in extra resistant boxes. Linen and tablecloths are packed in cardboard boxes lined with silk paper. Personal clothing can be transported in horizontal boxes, wrapped in silk paper or kept in hangers inside wardrobe boxes. Oil paintings are wrapped in waxed paper, which will not stick to the canvas. Wooden boxes or crates are custom-made for paintings, statues, maquettes and other fragile artworks. Books are packed in smaller boxes to ease handling and organizing at destination. All other objects included in the move are wrapped in Kraft paper, bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard. Download our packaging folder


    Corrugated cardboard: external protection for furniture;
    Kraft paper: additional protection for furniture, placed underneath the corrugated cardboard;
    Bubble wrap: protection against impact and protection for electronic equipment;
    Silk paper: for delicate objects;
    Papel Manilha: utensílios em geral.
    Manila paper: for utensils;
    Waxed paper: for oil paintings and works of art;
    Micro-foam: extra special protection, upon request;
    Water-resistant paper: protection against water.

  • special services

    For larger items that cannot be moved through normal access to the location, we provide a hoisting service through the window of the location, with the appropriate equipment, or moving by the stairway. The ideal method will be determined by our specialists in order to ensure an efficient and safe operation.


    Your move will be kept in transit, under our care, until the time of shipment and for as long necessary until delivery at destination.

  • control

    During packing we will elaborate a complete and detailed inventory, listing all goods to be transported. This document will be signed by us and the client, and will serve for control at time of delivery (only for storage and national moves).


    We offer complete coverage, door-to-door, without excess and against all risks, from the moment our packers begin the service at your residence until the very last piece is delivered to its place.


We help simplify your move.
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any questions?


  • Does FINK have wardrobe boxes? Yes, clothing pieces are carefully placed in wardrobe boxes, so there is no need to remove them from their hangers.

  • Does FINK pack all furniture? Yes, FINK does pack all furniture, including sofas, armchairs and shelves, which are disassembled for better safety.

  • When in transport with FINK, are my belongings insured? Yes, FINK will arrange for the insurance of your belongings from the moment of packing all the way to final delivery.

  • I have special items such as a plasma TV, a large and heavy glass tabletop and a valuable oil painting. Does FINK pack these items? Yes, FINK will build custom-made packaging for special items.

  • I have a grand piano that does not go through the door. Can FINK transport it? Of course, FINK is specialized in hoisting, and your piano will be transported without any problem.

  • How may I pay for my move? In addition to regular means of payment (check or cash), please contact us for more information.