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We offer all resources for the transportation, storage and information technology in the implementation of integrated logistics in the management of the supply chain,
by choosing the best solutions in:

  • International transportation through water, air and land;

  • Customs clearance;

  • Consultoria aduaneira;

  • Special projects;

  • Distribution;

  • Insurance;

  • Storage.


    Goods storage and movement;
    Shipping activities;
    Teams of pressionals trained in operational and quality procedures;
    Risk management services at the distribution centers provided conducted by specialized companies;
    Operational contingency planning.


    FINK offers the best solutions for the use of a physical distribution network and in product delivery management.
    We provide complete transport administration services:

    Use of a system configured for transport management;
    Freight negotiations with transport companies;
    Scheduling and programming of vehicles for cargo transfer and distribution;
    Cargo routing and assembling, maximizing vehicle capability;
    Freight auditing;
    Delivery follow-up and control;
    Standard reporting for all services and performance evaluation from customers.

  • In-house operations

    Within the logistics service market, FINK stands out for its operational and technical project execution and development directed to in-house operation management (Client's site).

    Our team of analysts is prepared to develop a solution for complete or partial third party logistic operations in the following activities:

    Investigation and technical analysis of the operation’s logistical data;
    Warehouse layout evaluation and development of alternative techniques;
    Operational flow analysis in the service chain in order to optimize logistical processes;
    Cost analysis for investment in installations, warehouse structures, equipments and hardware for automation;
    Productivity study in order to size labor needs;
    Development of operational procedures, recruitment and training of staff and Project management for the storage and distribution center activities.

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