Door-to-door move with international insurance.

For moves from Brazil to anywhere on the planet or from anywhere to Brazil, you can contact FINK and we’ll handle all necessary documentation and customs clearances at the origin and destination, for sea, air or land transportation, packing and unpacking. We take care of everything until delivery at the destination. FINK also tirelessly researches new materials and technologies, always seeking the best cost-benefit for our clients.

Animals can also be brought to Brazil, provided all regulations established by each country’s customs are met. In case you are interested, we can also supply insurance coverage. We provide all necessary consulting for a smooth and successful move.


  • personal belongings

    You are permitted to import an air shipment and a sea shipment containing furniture, household articles, machines, tools and other items, provided they are used. Immigrants holding a temporary visa or permanent visa holders and returning Brazilians (who have been abroad for over a year) must present specific documents in order to receive their personal belongings and household goods.
    We recommend that you check which documents are required for the delivery of your belongings, even before their departure from the country of origin. Automobiles, motorcycles and motor boats (as well as boat engines) are not included in this rule.
    * Used cars and motorcycles are forbidden. Firearms need to be declared at entry in order to obtain the necessary license from the Army.


    1. Shipment must originate and be shipped from the country of residence of its owner. 2. Shipment must arrive in Brazil within a maximum of 6 months after the arrival of its owner. 3. Every foreigner who holds a Brazilian visa must register with Federal Police no later than 30 days from date of arrival in the country. His/her goods can only be received in Brazil after the visa is granted and personal documents are issued. 4. Foreigners holding a temporary visa must re-export their belongings whenever his/her contract expires. Visa extensions are possible.


    Please consult us.

  • animals

    Can be brought to Brazil, provided all regulations established by customs are met. Contact us for further information.


    FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) – certificate proving a standard of excellence in quality through the auditorship of Ernst & Young, conducted every two year since 2000 and covering over 200 requisites relating to international moves.

    ISO 9001 – certificate


    Transportes FINK is affiliated with the main international associations of international movers, of which we highlight:

    OMNI - Overseas Moving Network International.
    IAM - International Association of Movers.
    LACMA - The Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association.
    IATA - International Air Transport Association.
    FIDI - International Federation of International Furniture Removers.
    UTS - Harmony Relocation


    For larger items that cannot be moved through normal access to the location, we provide a hoisting service through the window of the location, with the appropriate equipment, or moving by the stairway. The ideal method will be determined by our specialists in order to ensure an efficient and safe operation.


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    01. I will move from abroad to Brazil.

  • I am moving to Brazil. Can FINK help me from my home abroad? Yes. Contact us via email or telephone and we will organize your move, door-to-door.

  • Can I take my car to Brazil? Only diplomats in official assignment can bring their car to Brazil.

  • Can I take computers, TV, stereo systems? Yes. The quantity will depend on the number of family members.

  • Can I bring food products and some new personal hygiene articles without paying taxes? No. These articles, if new, will be subject to taxes, once they can be purchased in Brazil.

  • Can I bring my move from different origins? Yes, provided you can prove to the customs office that you actually lived in these places.

  • Can I take my move to Brazil in more than one shipment, separately? Yes you may, but this will require a very specific documentation procedure. FINK is ready to take care of everything.

  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages? Only a few open bottles (bar left-over), which are in use. We recommend not bringing any alcoholic beverages.

  • How long do I have to bring my move in after I arrived in Brazil? The current legislation allows for a maximum period of 6 months from the arrival date of the owner of the move to the arrival of the move itself.

  • I am a foreigner. Can I also bring my move to Brazil? Yes, provided you comply with the necessary visas.

    02. I will move from Brazil to another country.

  • Does FINK take care of everything, from the packing in Brazil until the delivery of my move in another country? Yes, FINK takes care of every detail.

  • Can FINK transport my belongings to anywhere in the world? Yes, FINK is ready to transport your goods to any city in every country of the globe.

  • How will I know what documentation I will need for my belongings to be exported? FINK will inform you and will obtain the necessary documentation.

  • Can FINK also assist me in finding the appropriate insurance? Yes.