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Since its founding, FINK has offered the storage of household goods, combining responsibility and quality.

Our storage warehouses are large, supervised by experienced professionals, and monitored by security and cameras 24 hours a day.

Each move is accommodated in individual storage containers, built exclusively for this purpose.

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  • How does FINK pack the goods that are stored in its warehouses? We only store goods packed by FINK. The packing is done exactly the same as in an international move, ensuring maximum protection.

  • How do I retrieve some of my things from storage? For example, one box containing one clothing item / Christmas tree/ toy? You can identify the item according to the inventory and email us. We separate the requested item for retrieval by the client at FINK.

  • Do I need to go in person to retrieve n item from storage? No, the two people previously authorized in your contract may retrieve the item for you. We also offer special documentation for the client to authorize a third party to retrieve the item.

  • May I add items to my storage? Yes. The item shall be packed by FINK. The cost for this will be evaluated according to the item. You may deliver the item in person or request that FINK picks it up at your convenience.

  • Can I access my goods freely? Yes. By scheduling a visit for the handling of your goods, you will have complete access to all items in storage.

  • I need one armchair which is storage, but in the inventory list there´s two chairs. How will I identify them? In this case, we will unpack both chairs, photograph them and email them to you so that the correct one is identified and retrieved.