Throughout the years, FINK has participated and effectively executed a number of projects for the transfer of furniture and office equipment in large and small offices, factory plants and industries.

To ensure the success of these operations, we have a technical staff specialized in transport and logistics accompanying the project from the technical survey throughout execution and completion, assessing all stages in order to identify and anticipate the real needs of all segments involved.

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    Support is provided by management, supervisors and coordinators during all the phases of the operation, ensuring the safety of goods, a strict compliance to deadlines and customer satisfaction. We have specialized professionals in packing, unpacking, loading and unloading and all other services offered.


    The objective of the technical survey is to register the characteristics of the goods to be transported, loading, unloading and packing needs, as well as to evaluate the volume of the move, necessary auxiliary equipment and fleet size, access points and schedule for execution of the project.


    Highly specialized and internationally trained crew for the packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, assembling and disassembling.


    Books and documents are placed in one-way cardboard boxes, with specialized dimensions and labels. The labels will be identified by color, as well as display the number of the aisle, bookshelf and shelf unit according to the client’s desired layout.


    Computers and electronic equipment are packed using bubble wrap and accommodated in special boxes (marfinite) that avoid friction.


    Due to the technical nature of these equipments, it is the client's responsibility to disconnect servers and cable connections before packaging and transport.


    Labels in a variety of colors are also available for furniture and equipment, and are organized according to the layout provided by the client.


    We have trucks and vans, equipped with hydraulic platforms, and sprinter vehicles, all maintained in perfect condition, with all instruments and accessories working regularly, and carrying the appropriate and sufficient materials to ensure the cargo is protected.


    Auxiliary equipment such as small trolleys, hydraulics, pneumatics, belts and other equipments ensure a speedy move.


    For greater security and control, supervisors and coordinators are always on standby with radios and/or mobile phones.


    For larger items that cannot be moved through normal access to the location, we provide a hoisting service through the window of the location, with the appropriate equipment, or moving by the stairway. The ideal method will be determined by our specialists in order to ensure an efficient and safe operation.

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  • Does Fink also move documents and equipments or only furniture? Yes, Fink moves any items, of any shape or size, including documents.

  • Does Fink also operate at night time or during the weekends and holidays? Yes. Fink adapts to any client necessities, making project plans according to client specifications.

  • Does the company assemble and disassemble work stations? Yes, Fink can assemble and disassemble work stations. In case of new work stations, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to avoid losing warranty.

  • Does the company organize and separate the documents and assets of each employee in the origin and sets them at the work stations in the delivery location? Yes, Fink will fink go to great lengths to ensure that the client has no unnecessary effort or waste of time, delivering work stations exactly as they were found in the origin or according to client specifications.

  • Is there any kind of service monitoring and supervision? Yes, throughout the whole service there is operational supervision, as well as sales representative supervision, securing that everything that was requested by the client during the contracting period is fulfilled to perfection by our staff.